Climate in Finland

Warm and pleasant in summer but cold and dark in winter

The climate in Finland is colder than in many other countries. However, the weather varies significantly in different seasons and also in different regions of Finland. Finland has a lot of nature, and you can enjoy and explore nature in all seasons.

Temperatures in the far north are known to be severe, yet most of the Finns are concentrated around the more southern region where springs blossom, the summers are warm and autumn is the messenger of cold winter.


In Finland, the winter months are December, January and February. The weather is also cold in November and March. The temperature is often below zero degrees Celsius in winter and can fall to -20 degrees Celsius. In Northern Finland, it is colder than in Southern Finland and the temperature can be as low as -30°C. It is snowy in winter and the ground is often frozen and slippery.


In Southern Finland, spring begins at the end of March whereas, in the north, spring comes at the end of April. The spring weather is often cool, but warmer than in winter. In spring, nature changes a lot. The snow melts and nature becomes green as plants and trees grow leaves.


The summer months in Finland are June, July and August. The warmest month is often July. In Southern Finland, the average temperature in the summer is about 20°C while the temperature in the north is about 15°C.


Autumn normally begins at the end of August or the beginning of September. September and October are a time of autumn colours in Finland. Many leaves of plants and trees, which are green in the summer, turn yellow, orange and red. In the time of autumn colours, nature is beautiful and colourful.

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